Sunday is Fit-Funday

I need to check in more often with my own progress. Keeping myself updated on what could use a little extra help...so what else to do when you're in a gym and got your camera on stand-by....

And don't forget to stretch :) Before or after working out, what is your take on it?

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I Discovered My Superpower

Holy Tornado...so while it was storming outside the whole morning, darkening the clouds and raining like there won't be a tomorrow -  making it impossible to get descent lighting up in the room, I made the impossible happen! Applying my makeup in the dark...successfully! I might have just discovered my superpower!

Yep, including some cute Ardell lashes, I think I did a decent job. 

What you see here: 
Make Up For Ever Concealer (See full review and Amazing Cosmetics concealer comparison here)
NARS Blush in Luster
Benefit Bronzer - Hoola
Buxom Lip Gloss - Berry Blast

Have you ever had to apply makeup in the dark? What do you think is the most complicated makeup item to apply?


About last night....thank you Amy Schumer!

....it was all worth it. That is all that matters. It's been a rough couple of weeks, so a little time out was much needed. In the mix of last night events: Comedy Central's Amy Schumer, incredibly funny women...my face still hurts from all the laughing! Thank you Amy!

 What fun it was getting ready for this one....seriously, if you are in a mood, nothing gets you back up like some serious laughing...it's like a 60 minutes intense workout for your face! If you get a chance, go see her live on her current tour!

 Products used:  
Temptu Airbrush for the flawless face, Benefit - Hoola Bronzer, Urban Decay - NAKED 2 Palette
Marc Jacobs Highliner (full review here), Lancome Lipstick

What have you guys been up to lately to release some stress?


How to Be Confident in The Gym

No matter if big or small, tall or short, no matter what age...we all deal with insecurities and overcoming them is never easy. Once you set that goal of going to the gym and trying to go for your dream body there should be nothing keeping you from doing so, not even your own mind, your own insecurities! Here are a few tips on how to focus in the gym to reach your goals and how to ignore everything else.

 1. First of all: Always go with a plan! At least have an idea of what you want to do, which part of your body you want to work on or what exercises to do. Always keep moving, unless you are stretching :) If a machine is occupied, move on to the next.

2. No matter how much sweat, runny makeup or nasty noises, make yourself at home! The gym should be a place where you feel comfortable. If you don't feel like you can do as you like, you won't feel comfortable enough to really get into your workout. Nothing should distract you to the point where you don't want to be there.

3. Prep your gym visit with the right outfit, makeup and music! Looking good while working out is an instant confidence booster! I always wear (minimal) makeup to the gym and make sure my music player is charged! See i.e. "Get Ready with me Gym Style"

4. Speaking of...wearing headphones or ear buds of some sort tells other's you are not interested in chatting. For some reason especially guys can get really chatty in the gym. I always have them with me, sometimes even if I don't listen to anything just to make sure I don't get interrupted.

5. If you do get interrupted and you do not want to talk because you are there to workout, say so! There is no shame in saying thanks but no thanks! Sometimes #beastmode comes with #bitchmode... don't ever worry about that! You are there to show off your fitness not your communication skills. You are still a nice person, you are just also really busy getting that cardio done!

6. I always like to get inspired by images. My mind is very visual oriented. So I like to go through my Instagram and get inspired by my favorite athletes and the fitness community. Seeing how strong others are, how much other people sacrifice even to work out, to make the time and reaching their goals gets me motivated. With all that in mind, I like to visualize even while I do the exercise, what the result will look like. Everything else, I just simply blend out. 

7. Most importantly, and I know this is something many women struggle with, don't ever get irritated by guys watching you workout. I don't care if they look at my booty or my biceps. The time they waste on watching me instead of working out, is their loss. I usually try to really not even bother much with my surrounding and really watch my posture and correct form, set my mind to strictly focus on the exercise not on other people or what is happening at the reception.

8. No matter if you're lifting 3 or 300 pounds, you deserve your place in the weight section! Simply ignore those heavy duty lifters. Even they had to start somewhere...now it's your turn!

In conclusion, I usually have my music in, focus and I don't greet no one, I even avoid eye contact with people. I don't waste time, I know what I want. So should you. And as cheesy as it sounds, it's true: everyone has a first day in the gym. You can only move forward from there.

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Into The Fall 2014

Today was the very first day one could actually feel what the calender has been telling us all along - summer is over and done. [fill in sad face here].
Fall has arrived and so has my appetite for darker makeup colors....

Burgundy is still on top of my list for this seasons glam lip colors. But for the office and everything in between, I chose to start off my fall makeup with a smudged out green eye look and a soft berry lip color.

I have been even more so excited about my new favorite nail color. Crabtree & Evelyn's nail polish in Mocha. I had introduced their new nude collection of nail polishes back here but never expected to fall for this particular one so hard.

Other products used: 
Lips: In detail reviewed here: Whitening Lightning Color Your Smile Lip Gloss 
 in "Rose Hill"

What are you looking forward to this fall season?