Short Hair, Don't Care - My New Asymetrical Long-Bob

Oh yeah..I did it! Realizing that long hair just ain't gonna happen with my kinda hair is a mental thing. Once you're over that, "short hair" can actually be a happy thought.

I had a similar hair length before with a slight angle.  This time I went all out. And I am loving it!

It is still manageable and you can style it in many ways...even a little pony tail for the gym. It feels good.

Color-wise I did't go all silver-ish as I was raving about here....Blonde as usual but my favorite kinda light blonde.

What do you think. Do you prefer long or short hair?


New Summer Beauty Favorites

I love the summer. With the change of temperature and weather conditions also comes a change of used products to keep up with sweat, heat and summer tan....

Here are a few new additions to my body care and makeup collection. 

Korres Makeup Wipes and Face Primer

What a blessing these makeup wipes truly are! That feeling when you take off all your makeup at the end of the day, leaving only flawless skin behind! These wipes won't irritate my skin, don't have any heavy scents or leave residue behind. Nothing but naturally cleansed skin. Love!

In the same range, Korres Face Primer is a new must for humid days when I needs that extra layer of protection to keep my makeup on. Infused with Vitamin C, this primer is like a sweet hug for my usually dry skin.

Body Care with Fake Bake and Lavanila Body Butter

To keep my tan even longer fresh and glowing, I have now added another self-tan lotion on top. Call me tan crazy but I love rather keep a repertoire of 10 different products in my bathroom than spend 10 hours in the actual sun. This self-tanner by Fake Bake has a leaves a gorgeous color behind and best of all, hydrates! I am currently using the SunLabs self-tanner as it gives a truly dark tan but on day 2 or 3 I like to add anther layer and here comes this little goodie just right! 

Finally, to treat my skin with something special, the Healthy Body Butter by Lavanila Laboratories.
This is scented just enough to make you smell like a Vanilla cookie but subtle enough to not give you a headache after an hour. Extremely soothing and moisturizing, this is seriously just like icing on the cake!

Now it's up to you! Share with me, what is your current summer fave?

Disclosure: This post contains products that have been sent to me for review purposes. As always I only state my honest opinion. Find more information on my disclaimer policy here.


Tan it up! SunLabs Self-Tanner

We're in the middle of summer but as usual, vacation time is nowhere to be found. Self-tanner on the other hand are a staple in my beauty routine and a life saver all year around.

Getting that tan on has never been easier and I sure have my fair share of experience with it. The good, the bad and the smelly, I have tested them all and today, I am happy to announce, I have found yet another winner!

Sun Laboratories Self-Tanner

When people ask you if you have been on vacation based on your tan, you know it's a winner. A believable tan color is as important as the easy and flawless application. 

Sun Labs can provide you with both. If you are familiar with tanning solutions such as Xan-Tan and co. you will know what is going to happen. The consistency is creamy, there is the familiar Almond scent and once applied, it needs about 5 minutes to really absorb. 

This self-tanner is no joke and only for the real tan-addicts because it requires up-keep. Besides the usual exfoliation before application, this one also requires consistent light exfoliation and moisturizing of the skin in between. 

You will be able to achieve a beautiful dark tan with this one but you will also have to work for it. Luckily, they offer a great set that includes an exfoliating shower gel and a moisturizing tan-extender. Those two are not a must have but certainly helpful. A good body lotion and exfoliator however will do just fine as well. All in all, you can get away with about 4 days of self-tanning-awesomeness before you will have to start all over again.

Find more information on the products here.


Now, if you are up for it, this will be the tan of your summer! What's your current beauty summer love?

Disclosure: This post contains products that have been sent to me for review purposes. As always I only state my honest opinion. Find more information on my disclaimer policy here.


Silver Blonde - White Blonde Hair Dreams

I am thinking yet again about a new do, hair do that is. I have an obsession with grey/light ash blonde to really white hair color. It is certainly not for everyone but I am really liking the "different"....

What do you think? Is this a hair color you would wear? 
Do you have a current beauty obsession?


How to Wear Makeup in Humid D.C. Weather - Keeping your cool on July 4th!

Sweating in Washington D.C....could also be the headline of this post. The temperatures are in the high 90's and the humidity is unbearable. A recipe for makeup disaster waiting to happen. 

For those of you in town around July 4th, or staying in any other humid place on earth for that matter, let me share some tips on how to get around town in the heat and still keeping it stylish!

I really do love my city and I sure do love the summer but wow this weather can be quite a challenge this time of year. Sunny and warm, stormy with rain or just simply unbearable hot and humid, this town has it all! (Don't forget to drink plenty of water!)

Here is what you can do to still look hot in the heat!

1. Prep and prime! I always use a primer but especially now you want to make sure everything stays in place. Silicone is your friend and will offer you that extra barrier between sweating skin and makeup.  

2. SPF!!!! Make sure that at least one product on your face is loaded with high SPF. Even though it might not always be super sunny, the sun is there and will do its damage unless you protect your skin!

3. Waterproof is sweat proof! Especially when it comes to eye liner and mascara. No one likes dark lines smudging around the eye area, so make sure to use something that will hold up against long hours outside. 

Tip: I would even go as far as only use natural looking false lashes (I know...sounds weird but trust me). That way you don't need to worry about mascara turning you into a raccoon.

4. Big Finish! Always use some setting spray during your makeup application by spraying little bits on your brush or sponge. That way you can already lock the product into your skin. Finish off with some final sprays on your whole face to set everything in place. 

Here are some of my favorites products to use: 

What makeup products do you wear in these kind of weather conditions? Or would you wear rather no makeup at all?