Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse Review - Before and After

I believe this might already be my 3rd selftanner post this year and we barely are knocking on April's door. But hey, it's all for the love of beauty...let's jump right to it...

 Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse in Dark

I have heard much good of it, and I believe after testing it myself, most of it is actually valid. 

The good:
  • Absolutely 0% nasty self tanner scent! I apply it in the morning and leave it on during the day without any issues. No smell, no tacky residue - once dried, it stays in place and doesn't transfer onto your clothes. 
  • The application is really simple and I highly recommend a mitt for an even and flawless result. This particular product comes with a pump and delivers easy to distribute mousse.
  • The color is gorgeous, absolutely believable and with 0% orange!

The bad:
  • This product claims to be special because it will last up to 2 weeks. No. So not even close! Yes, of course you can apply several layers and repeat daily to get a really deep dark tan that might last you a week and a half. But honestly, who has time for that? One shower and most of the color is gone. (Very similar to the St. Tropez and Beautisol, see review here)
  • The color isn't what I would consider to be dark. I think of dark as in "I spent 2 weeks on a beach in Thailand". However, this is more like "I spent a day at the pool" kind of dark. The color that you apply right out of the bottle is pretty much the color you get.

I feel as if Vita Liberata has been the new love child of all self tanner fans, ever since St. Tropez became old news. (Of course, this only applies, if you know your way around the self tanner world and are seriously addicted like me...) Ever since that nasty self tanner scent issue seems to have been resolved by most companies, I believe the lasting result of the color has become the new most valuable point everyone is after, but only few seem to be able to manage. 
I really like this self tanner for its simplicity and easy handling. If only the color would actually last...

Whats your favorite self tanner of the moment? 


Spring is here! Does My Crop Top Fit Yet?

Finally, spring has made an appearance!!! Omg, it was about time! 
With that in mind, not so fashion forward that I am, this year I got into the mood for crop tops..I know it bit last season but I still kinda like it a lot....question is, can I actually wear one? 

I already purchased a few crop tops from Forever 21. One of my tops is similar to this..showing a lot of skin...

I never had a huge issue with my abs but really with a top like this, who wouldn't want their stomach as flat as can be? So my mission for spring: getting those flat abs!
I would like to rock that top without having to worry about weird looking angles while sitting down etc..
What does that mean for me? More cardio...I have been doing zero cardio and I guess that is about to change. I am trying to incorporate more treadmill training before or after lifting weights but I can spend 2 hours lifting without any sign of de-motivation, cardio however is a real struggle for me.

How do you guys wear crop tops to make it look the most flattering? Are you gonna up your cardio game in time for spring fashion?


Rodan and Fields Redefine Acute Skin Care Before and After

The struggle is real! When you are getting into that age when you don't want to talk about your age anymore, skin care and especially anti-aging skin care becomes a hot topic!

I was given the opportunity to try the Rodan + Fields new skin care line Acute Care + Redefine Regimen. Now, about 8 weeks later, let's take a look to see what happened.

What I used:

Redefine Regimen Skin Care for the appearance of lines, pores and loss of firmness - Daily Cleansing Mask, Pore Minimizing Toner, Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30,  Overnight Restorative Cream

Redefine Acute Care for expression lines - 10 pairs

There are more products from the line available. See here for more information on the company and their products.

What I did:

The idea is simple. You use the cleansing mask to get rid of all dirt and makeup residue. You use the toner to give the skin another chance to cleanse and supposedly minimize the appearance of pores. You use either the day or night cream to give your skin the moisture back that it needs.

As for the Acute Care strips, every 3rd night you place them on the fine lines you would like to get rid of. They stay in place over night.

What do I think:

Let's start with the good. I love the creams! I have dry skin and those creams deliver hydration and softness to your skin like you wouldn't believe it. I love the fact, that the day cream has SPF 30 and they don't irritate or are heavily scented. Great products, recommend for sure!
The cleansing mask and toner are great products to have as well. You can definitely get your skin clean and feel refreshed afterwards. Did they blow my mind, probably not.

Now, the strips....I mean, yes I believe it may be a great product to have for someone with minimal fine lines. However, if you are like me and have expression lines that run a little deeper, chances are no cream in the world is going to save you. Sorry. 
I would have loved to see even the smallest change but honestly, they didn't do anything for me. Maybe after more time, who knows...then again for the hefty price, I rather get me some Botox and know for sure I will get a result.

That being said. Again, for minimal fine lines or other skin conditions, this might be a great fit. The creams I adore. Take a look at my before and after. (No, I don't do super close-ups, no one needs to see that.) My main area of concern: The forehead. No change.



Have you tried anti-aging products? What is the one product that actually got you results? What is your opinion on Botox? 

Disclosure: This post contains products that have been sent to me for review purposes. As always I only state my honest opinion. Find more information on my disclaimer policy here.


How to Create Summer

Happy March!! Yeah, temperatures here in Northern Virginia are still in the 30's - we are no where near summer and vacation is not going to happen any time soon. So, if you can't get to the sun, you can always pretend...

I am craving warm weather so badly, I decided summer this year starts early and made up my own little summer cocktail.

Here is my very own recipe on making summer happen even if it is arctic cold outside!

  • Turn Up the Heat
It's freezing outside, yes that I can't change. But I don't like to be cold and that's why my temperatures have to be up. Feeling warm and comfortable makes "pretend summer" so much more realistic and fun.
  • Summer Fashion Show
 I can not stand the look and feel of winter coats or scarfs and gloves. It is time to make the switch! At least for inside, I like to already lay out my summer dresses, do a little runway show and see what still looks great and what could use an upgrade.
  • Scents and Lotions
You know how music and certain items, like that summer dress can revive memories and put you right back into that moment? Scents do have the same effect on me. I love the smell of sun care like sunscreen or lip balm. It gets me in the right mood and makes me feel as if I am about to walk down to that beach on Koh Samui, (Thailand) again. A great brand to experience summer with:

Australian Gold Sun Care  


I also love me a good tan and consider myself a self-tanner addict, a combination of bronzer and sunscreen always has a special place in my heart. I highly recommend the Australian Gold Spray Gel, which is the best of both world mixed in a bottle. This one has a slight caramel scent and is the perfect touch up or preparation for a summer day or any occasion really, that requires a boost for your skin!
  • Visualization
Last but not least, your eyes needs stimulation! Looking at snow and muddy roads isn't gonna do it for me but Pinterest and travel blogs sure do the trick!
If you are feeling really sassy, you might even consider a paint job for your walls or an inspiring new poster from that beloved island.

Are you excited for the summer? Are you planning any trips to the beach?

Disclosure: This post contains products that have been sent to me for review purposes. As always I only state my honest opinion. Find more information on my disclaimer policy here.


Tan & Fit - Because I Can't Wait for Spring

Since winter this year seems to be especially stubborn and snow just keeps on coming down, I am pretty much forced to stay at home. No way to go for a walk much less to the gym. So frustrating. I really wish I could just pick up and move to a much warmer side of the US.  - To keep myself motivated and because I am already dreaming of much warmer days - today is a fitspo kinda day!

The "OMG-I-Need" Theme: I need a tan and I need to get lean!

All images not me but from my Pinterest board : Rock that body!

For real though, I am so over this winter! Pale skin and chubby stomach...I can't!

 What about you guys? Are you enjoying the icy cold?