10 Things I Have Learned from my 16 Day-Fit-Challenge!

It is done and over, my 16 Day-Fit-Challenge has come to an end. Thankfully so I must admit. Here is what I have learned, what happened....

My personal 3 goal for this Christmas (post here): 
Goal 1: 12+ gym days out of 16.
Goal 2: Every 2. gym visit must include 20 minutes of cardio.
Goal 3: Every gym visit must include at least 10 squats (any type).
How many days did I end up going?
I hit 12 out of 16. Not bad but could have been better. 

After 16 days, what have I learned?

1. I still enjoy going to the gym! 
2. I am not a fan of cardio...at all! (Those 20 minutes can feel like 20 hours.)
3. I need a better source for more music to add to my iPod. 
4. I need more gym clothes!
5. I need to stretch more, especially my hip flexers.
6. Squats never seem to get easier.
7. I should consider becoming a gym instructor. (When people start asking you where things are and how they work...you know you should consider a career switch.)
8. There is no such thing as "boring" once you free yourself from the idea that there are only so many exercises. Be creative (search Instagram) and start your own exercise program!
9. Don't ever do a challenge while packing and moving. 
10. That awkward moment in the gym locker when you're trying to take a gym selfie and people come in....

  • The hardest part, to be honest is simply time management. I chose this particular time frame because I am in the middle of a move and my gym membership here was running out. But really, if you have ever moved, you know there will be chaos, stress and never enough time. 
  • If you are like me, working a desk job during the week, you know how hard it can be to  get those muscles moving. It kinda feels like my flexibility gets worse every week and every time I stretch, I have to start all over again. Something I am going to work on in 2015.

Right, so I have my personal fitness goals set for 2015. Flexibility and strength. What about you? Any goals coming to your mind? 


Norvell Dancing with the Stars Endurance Skin Perfector

Well hello there little pale girl..missing that sparkling extra something? Missing a bit more color on that lovely skin of yours? 
Yep, the self-tanner addict did it again, I found something new and I feel like sharing!

Most of us are familiar with the highly entertaining show called "Dancing with the Stars", airing in the US on ABC. Ever wondered how the contestants and especially those pro-dancers get all glam and tan? I think I have found the answer to that. 

Norvell Skin Solutions - Endurance Color Boosting Skin Perfector

It is not a self-tanner per se, more a BB cream for your body with a hint of sparkle. If applied daily, it does build a decent color and provides your dry and pale winter skin with that extra little glow! 

Yep that sums it up pretty good. Though I personally don't watch the show much, I do admire a great tan and take a sparkling glow like a pro dancer any day of the week. Especially now, when you don't necessarily need that super dark tan (cuz let's face it, ain't no body gonna see it anyway). 

I love it for the gym as that is the only time right now, where I actually am showing some skin and I do love, that it doesn't smell, it doesn't stain, it is just perfect for right now! 

Are you using self-tanner all year round?

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16 Day, 3 Goal Fit-Plan till Christmas!

Right, Thanksgiving was a feast...delicious! Anyone else ate a whole lot more than they should have? And now we are on the run for the Christmas madness... To top it of, I am moving in a few weeks. My point: I am busy!

I was going to make a plan like last year to not go crazy on the food, staying on track on all that jazz. But yeah that kinda fell through this year..what can I say. I am a foodie!
However, my time is literally running up. I have exactly 16 days left in my local gym and I plan to make worth while.

This is probably the easiest countdown I have ever had. How many times out of 16 can I go to the gym? I am aiming for at least 12. After not holding back on Thanksgiving and knowing the holidays are going to be just as food-packed, this is the least I can do for myself. 

Goal 1: 12+ gym days out of 16, starts tomorrow! 
Goal 2: Every 2. gym visit must include 20 minutes of cardio.
Goal 3: Every gym visit must include at least 10 squats (any type).

Easy enough? I will make an effort to document everything as much as I can. 
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Here some recent check-in pics. 

 Happy Gyming.


Makeup for a Night Out and About

It's weekend hurray! Dressing up, slamming on that beloved coat of makeup and off we go....
Here is what is on my face tonight...

Products used:

Temptu AirBrush - Indepth review here
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder - Indepth review here
Urban Decay NAKED Palette 2 - Foxy, Bootycall, Snakebite
Esqido Lashes
MAC Lipstick - Myth

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything coming up for you?


ESQIDO Mink Lashes - VaVaWoom Lashes Anyone?

Is there any girl out there, who doesn't want full and voluminous lashes? Right, I didn't think so either. And for all those, who don't want to bother trying to grow their own but rather love them fake long and lushes ones...here is something you might enjoy!

 ESQIDO Mink Eyelashes

Esqido is a great source for high quality eye lashes. Quality you can certainly see, feel and that lasts!
I had the chance to get my hands on two of their pairs with the highest volume..cause if you apply them fakes you might as well go big!  The pairs you see here are: Lashmopoiltan (I am wearing them in the images) and Voila Lash.


 Voila Lash

 The Lashmopolitan have a little less volume towards the inner corner and give you that fab winged out look. Something no mascara will ever give you. Voila Lash is basically just one dream of full volume, with long deep dark black lashes. 

Once you have cut them to the right size, these puppies will sit and wear as comfortable as your own. Esqido states you can wear them up to 25 times.

See here how to take care of false lashes to make them last longer.

From the collection to delivery, packaging and actual product wear, these are falsies so glam once you had them on, you never wanna be without. #IwokeuplikethatNOT

Are you wearing false lashes a lot? What is your favorite shape?

 Find out more about the company and their lash collection here.