My Go-To Summer Makeup Look

Can you believe it, September is knocking on the door...which means fall is not far away. Completely ignoring that however, I am still more into talking about summer and dazzling makeup items, that stand out to me the most...because clearly I have used them more than enough this year.

Since I have been keeping my makeup this summer more in the neutral zone as shown here
I wanted to share what I have been loving lately for the times when I do put on a bit more.

Trying to actually use up some of the products I accumulated over time, I have gotten a whole lot of use out of these who packages: 

For the eyes
4 different shadows and 2 cream products make a lot of magic happen.

  For The Face
Buxom's Summer Essentials "Glow & Tell"
That lip gloss in 'Tonya' and the luminizer in 'Venus' make such a pretty team. It is a winner from every angle, quite literally.
I have reviewed this kit last winter for everyone else like me, who doesn't like to give up on that summer glow just because it says December on the calender.
Find my full review here!

I know fall is already around the corner and even though I am not getting excited for the cold, I am getting excited to pull off some more dramatic and color intense looks.
What are you most excited for when it comes to fall?


Fitness Update - Setting new goals! Where I am at right now.

It's about that time. It's not pretty, it's not very glamorous but it sure is highly effective - decision making time!
I am a gym rat, that is no secret, which is a good start but it's about setting yourself goals and sticking to them that makes all the difference!

I always go to the gym, lift weights, do some cardio here and there..but it's important to go into the gym with a goal in mind, not just to play around. If you want progress, if you want to stay motivated, you have to figure out what it is you want to get out of that precious gym time....and then set up a plan. Make your time count.

Well, this is me currently....

What I want to work on....

ABS...Omg, I can not put into words, how hard it is to even just maintain the little definition that I have. 
BOOTY...I used to have a decent butt back in my early 20's, then I gained some weight and lost some weight. Now I am all about trying to get that well rounded muscle butt! No more flat pancake butt please.
LEGS...My weakest point. I have genetically a stronger upper body but my lower body takes that much longer to build. So yes, more lunges, squats and deadlifts for me. 

I am still working out a new split. A more detailed plan as usual....know a good routine? Share it with me in the comment section below. Would love to get inspired from what you guys are doing!

Of course, I will share my updates and the many things I learn along the way, right here. Also, follow me on my brand new Instagram here!!


Refocusing - Spotlight on Shana of ColorBlind

You know when you think you know what you want but really you have no clue and things change? It's called life and life changes.....

Just because you started one thing doesn't mean you have to finish it as such.

Today, I am really just rambling a bit, so please excuse.

I came across some really inspiring bloggers/vloggers lately and they got me thinking. Setting goals, working on them and achieving them is great but nothing is set in stone. 
You most likely create a good amount of pressure yourself, believing you have to do a certain thing, looking a certain way, create this persona to get respect and feel accomplished. 
But really guys, just do what you fu@#ing love.

If you do happen to achieve your goals in the meantime, even better. But it doesn't mean you can't change your mind.
Beautiful things also happen along the way.

I find my inspiration more than ever from other people. Be it a glimpse into their life from their vlogs or knowing them in person, it is astonishing to me, how much impact one person can have on someone elses life. Here it ties back to the title of today's post. I am sort of trying to refocus a bit, on what I really want in life, where it should go and how I like to get there...

I have gotten really inspired by this one fellow blogger/vlogger lately and wanted to share that with you. She has set herself this incredible goal and takes us through her vlogs along the way...through the fun, the ups and downs and simply through reality. Watching her vlogs makes me feel like I am talking to a good friend, hanging out, really just pursuing life and a dream. The way she looks at life and how she motivates herself to do the things she loves (and there is a lot of it:)...it is just as watching someone else already doing what you are still trying to figure out.
If you are into fitness, want to see what it takes to really set a goal and stick to it, please check her out. She also vlogs about thrifting and the good old Vegas life! #neversettle

Shana of ColorBlind

Who has inspired you lately? Share the blogger love and write in the comment section below some other vloggers/bloggers you think we all should check out! 


Going Nude!

Nude as in neutral colors! I love me a colored lip or great colored nails any day of the week but for some reason, maybe it's the summer heat or me hitting the gym 5 days a week lately - nude colors have grown on me!

Here is the interesting part though, even with nude-ish colors you can create quite the colored look! It doesn't mean you have to go with the barely there or infamous "no makeup"- makeup look. A natural look can be based of a great brown crease color and a lovely pink lip. Not to forget who wouldn't appreciate a classic french manicure inspired look.

What I have been loving lately: Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Polishes in Alabaster and Mocha. Classic nude colors, that go with any skin tone at any occasion. Always a winner for those times when you are too busy to constantly switch nail colors and rather prefer to keep it simple.

And of course...speaking of nude...

This summer it's all about the relaxed nudes for me...what is your go-to summer look?


Short Hair, Don't Care - My New Asymetrical Long-Bob

Oh yeah..I did it! Realizing that long hair just ain't gonna happen with my kinda hair is a mental thing. Once you're over that, "short hair" can actually be a happy thought.

I had a similar hair length before with a slight angle.  This time I went all out. And I am loving it!

It is still manageable and you can style it in many ways...even a little pony tail for the gym. It feels good.

Color-wise I did't go all silver-ish as I was raving about here....Blonde as usual but my favorite kinda light blonde.

What do you think. Do you prefer long or short hair?