How to Create Summer

Happy March!! Yeah, temperatures here in Northern Virginia are still in the 30's - we are no where near summer and vacation is not going to happen any time soon. So, if you can't get to the sun, you can always pretend...

I am craving warm weather so badly, I decided summer this year starts early and made up my own little summer cocktail.

Here is my very own recipe on making summer happen even if it is arctic cold outside!

  • Turn Up the Heat
It's freezing outside, yes that I can't change. But I don't like to be cold and that's why my temperatures have to be up. Feeling warm and comfortable makes "pretend summer" so much more realistic and fun.
  • Summer Fashion Show
 I can not stand the look and feel of winter coats or scarfs and gloves. It is time to make the switch! At least for inside, I like to already lay out my summer dresses, do a little runway show and see what still looks great and what could use an upgrade.
  • Scents and Lotions
You know how music and certain items, like that summer dress can revive memories and put you right back into that moment? Scents do have the same effect on me. I love the smell of sun care like sunscreen or lip balm. It gets me in the right mood and makes me feel as if I am about to walk down to that beach on Koh Samui, (Thailand) again. A great brand to experience summer with:

Australian Gold Sun Care  


I also love me a good tan and consider myself a self-tanner addict, a combination of bronzer and sunscreen always has a special place in my heart. I highly recommend the Australian Gold Spray Gel, which is the best of both world mixed in a bottle. This one has a slight caramel scent and is the perfect touch up or preparation for a summer day or any occasion really, that requires a boost for your skin!
  • Visualization
Last but not least, your eyes needs stimulation! Looking at snow and muddy roads isn't gonna do it for me but Pinterest and travel blogs sure do the trick!
If you are feeling really sassy, you might even consider a paint job for your walls or an inspiring new poster from that beloved island.

Are you excited for the summer? Are you planning any trips to the beach?

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Tan & Fit - Because I Can't Wait for Spring

Since winter this year seems to be especially stubborn and snow just keeps on coming down, I am pretty much forced to stay at home. No way to go for a walk much less to the gym. So frustrating. I really wish I could just pick up and move to a much warmer side of the US.  - To keep myself motivated and because I am already dreaming of much warmer days - today is a fitspo kinda day!

The "OMG-I-Need" Theme: I need a tan and I need to get lean!

All images not me but from my Pinterest board : Rock that body!

For real though, I am so over this winter! Pale skin and chubby stomach...I can't!

 What about you guys? Are you enjoying the icy cold?


Use Up What You Got!

"You are such a hoarder", that is usually something I only say to my husband when he is being all messy again and can't seem to part with a single pair of jeans. Now, when it comes to makeup, I admit, it is me who has a serious hoarding issue...

So I took a serious breath in and decided it is enough (for now). I buy new makeup and beauty items all the time because yes, it is so fun! But that also means all my goodies from previous shopping adventures go back deep into the unknown of my makeup storage to never be seen again. 
What a waste!

So, as of yesterday, I made the effort to pull out all those long forgotten almost never used items and put them right on top of my daily makeup stash. 

There is nothing wrong with this beautiful eye shadow palette by Crown Brush, see full review here....the MAC pressed pigment "Spot Lit" is still incredible and the Benefit box "It's a 10" still an all time fave...the Amazing Cosmetics concealer is still worthy of it's name.....

Rediscovering what are still coveted goodies...life is good. 

Do you have a system to use up all your beauty items? Or are you a glorified makeup hoarder just like me? 


Why Millennials Like to Work but Hardly Find Work

So, what do you do these days? Did you find a job yet? What, you switched jobs again? --- Sounds familiar? Sounds like a topic you would like to avoid? Ya, join the club my fellow millennial, the club of job hunters and job hoppers and the club of the undecided and ever so stuck in quarter-life-crisis people. 

Looking beyond the curtain of this blog and its slightly superficial content, I had a little chat the other day referencing my previous post on Contributing to Pulsedup.com as a Beauty Editor.

You know how back in college you had dreams and ideas, how you were absolutely sure you know what you wanted to do with your life and how everything made complete sense? Ya, not so much any more couple years later *and by that I am referring to anyone between the ages of early 20's to late 30's, all of a sudden you have that degree but you also hit a wall called "reality".

Now you are supposed to pay rent, insurance and more importantly that heavy load of student loans for that degree you were so heavily invested in. Now, you are free to do whatever you want, be a grown-up, be responsible and make that career happen. Not quite? Ya, sure you are free to do whatever you want as long as you can pay for it, and oh boy do we want a lot...

Reality wants us to have that career going by our mid-20's, our landlord wants us to have that secured income by 30 and social media wants us to be a millionaire, if not at least a superhero entrepreneur as soon as we hit "share"...and what do we want? 

By 25 we start a job if we are lucky and by 30 we are depressed because we chose to either> Go to bed at 9pm to work ourselves down the road to same old same old till retirement in some boring company being underpaid and overqualified or > chose to give up our ideas and dreams and simply adhere to grandpa's words "Just take that job and be happy you got one."

So we live in a time where that dream degree essentially means nothing if you can't back it up, we live in a time where a good job means everything and we live in a time where competition has never been tougher, that dream job has never been more scarce.
But we also live in a world where you have options to create and share. We are obsessed with social media, love to create and love to find our space where we can love our "job" and possibly turn it into an actual job that pays the rent. We don't just love watching Youtube videos, we love it so much we made it a hot job market. We despise the idea of giving up our dreams so much, we created blogs, Instagram and Twitch, turned our hobbies into jobs.

All I am saying is, there is hope my fellow millennials.

I am always amazed when I see some youngsters making it big. Let me share 1 story:
Being big into all things influencer outreach (can't afford to quit my day job just yet), I have been following a company called Gymshark. I believe created around 2012, they are now one of the biggest hit in the UK fitness clothing market, branching slowly into the US. Why is that interesting? I was wondering why they are so spot on with their marketing and influencer outreach. Well they are simply just like us. Their CEO is a 20 something. In fact, I don't think one of their employees is over 35. You create, you share what you love and others will love it as well.

Keep on creating and sharing!

What o you think? Are we "creators" just wasting our time? Are we in denial about reality? Would you like to quit our day job?

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Contributing Editor for Pulsedup.com #beatanything

Expanding my horizon in all aspects of my life - that is a goal of mine. Challenging myself and spreading even more love in the beauty space. On that note, I have a great announcement to share! 

Not so much an announcement if you guessed it from the title of this post... I am now contributing to the wonderful team of equally passionate beauty and fitness enthusiasts of pulsedup.com.
My very first post has already been featured and I invite you all to take a look!

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