Makeup for a Night Out and About

It's weekend hurray! Dressing up, slamming on that beloved coat of makeup and off we go....
Here is what is on my face tonight...

Products used:

Temptu AirBrush - Indepth review here
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder - Indepth review here
Urban Decay NAKED Palette 2 - Foxy, Bootycall, Snakebite
Esqido Lashes
MAC Lipstick - Myth

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything coming up for you?


ESQIDO Mink Lashes - VaVaWoom Lashes Anyone?

Is there any girl out there, who doesn't want full and voluminous lashes? Right, I didn't think so either. And for all those, who don't want to bother trying to grow their own but rather love them fake long and lushes ones...here is something you might enjoy!

 ESQIDO Mink Eyelashes

Esqido is a great source for high quality eye lashes. Quality you can certainly see, feel and that lasts!
I had the chance to get my hands on two of their pairs with the highest volume..cause if you apply them fakes you might as well go big!  The pairs you see here are: Lashmopoiltan (I am wearing them in the images) and Voila Lash.


 Voila Lash

 The Lashmopolitan have a little less volume towards the inner corner and give you that fab winged out look. Something no mascara will ever give you. Voila Lash is basically just one dream of full volume, with long deep dark black lashes. 

Once you have cut them to the right size, these puppies will sit and wear as comfortable as your own. Esqido states you can wear them up to 25 times.

See here how to take care of false lashes to make them last longer.

From the collection to delivery, packaging and actual product wear, these are falsies so glam once you had them on, you never wanna be without. #IwokeuplikethatNOT

Are you wearing false lashes a lot? What is your favorite shape?

 Find out more about the company and their lash collection here.


8 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Fitness Lover!

Oh yes, it is about that time where we all start thinking: What do I get for him or her for Christmas this year? Well let me help you out a bit. I have quite a wish list for all things fit this year. Maybe one of these items is a fit for your shopping list as well.
1. Yoga Mat
A known runner-up in the Yoga inspired fitness gear world: Lululemon
What you want to pay attention to: grip, sweat and water-resistance, durability.

2. Sneakers
Mmmhh, so many too chose from. My current favorites:  NIKE Free TR Connect
3. Gym bag
NIKE Victory Gym Club. Not only spacious and highly durable, this one also has the looks! Water-resistant separate compartments will keep sweaty sneakers apart from wet clothes and anything else we like to carry around in our lives.

4. Lifting Gloves
Best $20 spent ever. Used mine now for over 5 years now. Beautiful hands, no matter how heavy you lift. NIKE Lock Down

5. Shakers
No matter if water or pre-workout, juices or protein shake, there is a smart way of storing, transporting and using all your powders, snacks or pills. As seen on GNC
6. Supplements
Supplements are pricey, so I take them as a gift any day! Protein powder, pre-workout, Amino acids...chose whatever your body needs! One of my favorite brands: Cellucor
And for the best protein bars in between Quest Nutrition!

Find here a review of Cellucor Super HD and C4

7. Foam Roller 
Seen here: Trigger Point Performance available in different sizes and colors.
 The GRID foam roller is for anybody who wants to move better. Use the GRID for a self-massage and roll through the tight muscles, knots and kinks that prevent feeling good and moving well.

8. Activity Tracker
How much sleep did you get? How many calories did you burn? How many steps did you take? What is your heart rate? That and so much more in many variations for the ones who like to keep track. FitBit

Bonus idea becasue you made it till the end of this post:

Energy Boosting Oil
Give yourself that extra little boost and the wellness you deserve. Uma Oils
Read more on their oils in a review here.

What are some great gift ideas for your sport? Do you have something on your list you hope to get this year?

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It Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Velvet Luxe Collection - Not a trick, just a treat!

Happy Halloween everyone! I have a special treat for you...makeup brushes! Can you ever have enough? No..thought so! I have come across a fantastic new collection, that I wanted to share. 
Certainly helpful to those who are already hunting for some Christmas gifts instead of chocolate treats....

Velvet Luxe Blurring Collection - It Cosmetics

Isn't the design to die for? I love that sleek and all-black look, reminds me very much of NARS brushes (but much more affordable). 

Now, what makes them so appealing besides a cool aesthetic? They are designed with smart technology. Meaning, from their ergonomic handles to their ultra-fine hair and sculpting shape, everything is designed to make the application not only easier but also more flawless than ever. 

You like the perfect shaped and contoured look? This is the perfect collection for you! 

The quality is great for the price and really, It Cosmetics hasn't disappointed with any other item so far. No shedding or harsh bristles when it comes to their brushes and if you are more a basic kinda gal, no problem, they also have collections for beginners.

Take a look for yourself: Ulta Website

Do you have a favorite brand for makeup brushes? 
More importantly, are you dressing up for Halloween, trick and treating or grown-up party?


Miracle Skin Transformer - Why you need this in your life.

You think you've tried it all, seen it, done it, tested it..why would you need yet another cream or makeup item? Well, because you would be surprised what some products really can do. 

While many items just make you kinda go "meh..", this brand has me kinda stunned. 

I have mentioned the Miracle Skin Transformer Treatment & Concealer before as a rather new go-to, not thinking much of it as you always have those random favorites swirling around. 

Then I had the time to look somewhat more into the brand and the opportunity to grab their night treatment as well. Think you can't change your skin overnight? Think again!

My super dry skin had gotten over night a super charge of moisture. I woke up with plump and soft skin like you wouldn't believe it. I didn't believe it. Just truly beautiful skin. 
And what is so special about their concealer? Well, you know when you have those nasty blemishes and breakouts that make you not want to wear makeup because you rather just want to put a thick layer of anti-acne cream on it and call it a day? This will give you just that but you can still go outside without looking like a crazy person. It treats your skin while covering where needed. Gotta love it when a product is more than just a pretty package.

Take a look at the brand here on their website to find out more.
Have you ever tried a product from them? What was your experience, yay or nay?